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Cameray Child & Family Services is a registered charity and non-profit agency that relies on government funding and private donations to operate.

How Can You Support Cameray?

Click to view five ways you can donate your time, talent, and treasure.

  • Donate online, through Canada Helps. It is fast, secure, and simple and your donation is eligible for a tax receipt.
  • You can drop by with your donations located at 201 – 5623 Imperial Street, Burnaby in Burnaby. We can accept cash, cheques, and donations of gift cards and certain goods. Give us a call first to check that someone will be available to accept your donation and that what you’d like to donate is on our wishlist or the wishlist of one of our families.
  • Purchase items from our wishlist and have them shipped direct to our office:
  • Donate your time or expertise! We are always looking for volunteer childminders, interpreters, group facilitators, and more.
  • Donate with little effort using Shop and Share.

Shop and Share is a great Canadian company helping charities like us. You create an account and designate Cameray as your charity of choice. Each online purchase you make through automatically generates a donation for Cameray Child and Family Services! It doesn’t cost you a penny more to shop through their site, there are no membership fees or deadlines, and you don’t have to donate out-of-pocket! It takes as little as five minutes to set up and all that is required is that you start your shopping at


Our programs have big impacts in our community. Our clients experience competent, thorough support that better equips them to be involved in the community and not just reside here.

“I wish to thank the Parent Support Team at Cameray for the amazing resources and support my family and I have received over the past year.”

Our programs are available only because of donor support and government funding.

We offer many ways you can donate to us, including donating directly and securely through Canada Helps where you can receive a tax receipt for your donation; donating gift cards and other necessities for some of our programs; purchasing items from our wish list that help our programs run; or easily donating to us with little effort each time you shop online through Shop and Share. More information on how we use your donations and the many ways you can donate to us are outlined below.

We know what we are doing is helping our community.

“At Cameray I have received the education that I needed about mind sets to promote mental health, brain development, family dynamics, how to manage conflict, how to cope with difficult behaviors, and how to take care of myself better so that I can be the best possible mother for my child.”

How Are Your Donations Used?

Click to view five ways we use donations and the feedback we receive from clients.

To provide quality programs:

We can use large donations to provide specific programming such as Parent-Child Mother Goose, Nobody’s Perfect, CONNECT Parenting Program, Family Literacy Circle, and many more! Donations include covering costs of facilitators, healthy snacks, childcare, participant resources, and transportation (bus tickets).

“In the past year, I firmly believe that I have broken a cycle of would-be abuse by participating in the Cameray Parent Support Programme.”

To improve and supply existing programs:

Smaller donations can help us improve the quality of existing programs by providing things like: art supplies for art therapy, toys for child care and play therapy, healthy food for session and group snacks, bus tickets for families that need to take public transit, etc.

“Anyone that knows my child will say she is charming, well spoken, and polite. As her mother I can say she is brilliant, kind, healthy and strong. I could not have produced such a fantastic little person without all the help I have gotten at Cameray.”

To further train staff and provide continuing education: 

We want to make sure our clients get the very best care based using the latest research and methodology.

“Cameray parent support workers present all the information a parent can learn, know, and find, and each parent can choose what’s the best for them and their family and what they want to apply to their family.  And Cameray parent support workers are very supportive and non-judgmental.  It’s truly a safe environment.”

“I am amazed by how Camaray staff is kept up to date with new research, ideas. I can always rely on Cameray’s staff to provide me with new and interesting topics.”

To advertise and promote our programming:

Serving both Burnaby and New Westminster, it is important that we are able to reach everyone who will benefit from our programs.

“I discovered Cameray when they partnered with North Burnaby Neighbourhood House to host a Family Literacy program. In one of the classes, the facilitator put  Cameray’s monthly calendars on the table. I was captivated by the topics on the calendar and decided to call the office. Until then, I have never heard of Cameray!”

To go DIRECTLY to families in need involved with our organization:

We often provide gift baskets, Christmas gifts, new and used books, new and used toys, and gift cards to our high needs children, youth, and families.

“I see other mothers and children around town that I know from Cameray and I feel safer in my city.”

“As someone suffering from mental illness it is such a comfort that I have someone I can talk to regularly. For a single mother, the one on one counseling at Cameray is so important to my health. I would not be able to afford counseling on my own.”

We appreciate your support and generosity!

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