Sex and the Law: Teachings about Consent

We are happy to announce that Cameray has successfully acquired funding for Jessica Wollen (certified sexual health educator and BC teacher) and the Burnaby School District to partner on delivering a program around the legal aspects of consent. Jessica is working with students to clarify what consent looks like, sounds like, and feels like – and the legal implications. The intention is preventing sexual assault before it occurs, and to foster healthy relationships between youth.

This Spring, Jessica is teaching in many secondary schools in Burnaby and New West. She is working collaboratively to develop a scope and sequence to support physical health education teachers in delivering the new physical and health education curriculum, which includes sexual health lessons and material.

If you are interested in this program coming to your school, contact

‚ÄčJessica is one of the leading sexual health educators in this area in the Lower Mainland. To read more about her work, please visit