CONNECT Parent Groups

Have you ever felt like you and your teen are speaking different languages, worried about your relationship with your children or felt alone in parenting? The Connect Parenting group provides a supportive environment for parents to learn about attachment and how it relates to their relationship with their children over a 9 or 10 week period. There are 9 attachment principals that are taught throughout the weekly group.

Attachment is part of everyone’s life-it is our bond with others, particularly those people we turn to when we are afraid or in need of comfort. It is easy to see how important attachment is between a parent and a baby yet it becomes more challenging to be in tune with our children as they grow up. However the attachment needs remain the same!

The connect Group encourages parents to practice “stepping back” from emotional reactions to their teen’s behaviour and identify the attachment needs underneath the behaviour. The atmosphere of each group is supportive and creates a safe learning environment to practice and process the materials.

The Connect Parenting Group is run throughout Burnaby and New Westminster on a regular basis for parent s of pre-teens, 8-12 years old, and parents of teenagers. Contact Cameray at 604-436-9449 or to find out more!